Training for success

The realization started in college. While training for Miss Chinese New York during my college days, my then good friend started to physically train me for the competition. With her guidance, I was able to transform how I understood and manipulated my body. But after the competition, I fell out of habit. 

Fast forward 10 years later, when I decide to make the conscious decision to change my life for good. By then I already had a gym membership I episodically used and took many different classes, but nothing stuck. Not until I made the decision to invest in my physical health and work with Danielle that I’ve come to realization of how important this decision became. During the beginning of the pandemic, it was the only constant appointment I was able to keep inside and outside the apartment building.

This week, I am going to share the significant benefits of investing in a  private trainer.

Benefits of a private trainer: 

  • Education: Having a trainer allows me to become educated on proper form. When I am working out, Danielle makes sure I am not accidentally hurting myself by correcting my stance or position. 
  •  Not only did Danielle break down my relationship with food but she gave me a curated meal plan based on my personal stats. She gives me real advice and always stresses the importance of not depriving myself. 
  • Accountability: I am 99% (there’s always room for improvement!) more willing to work out when I know someone took their time to schedule me in. I am no longer making excuses for myself and make good on my promise to take care of myself. 
  • Programming: Danielle creates a program centered around my needs, wants, and progression. When I started working out I could barely lift 10 pound dumbbells for chest presses. Now, I can lift 20 comfortably and am definitely stronger than before.
  • Variety:  Every work out is different. Having a private trainer provides variety in your exercise routine so muscles do not get use to the same movements. I also get to mentally catalogue these routines for future use. 
  • Therapy: Our sessions are moments when I can share my life challenges and achievements to someone I trust but also has an outside opinion. I am lucky to have a trainer that not only gives me sound advice but am able to call her a dear friend. 


Have you ever thought about getting a personal trainer?


 For more information on Danielle visit her instagram: @thetrainerlife



Stay safe friends and be well,