Love Is Meant To Be Treasured

Love is what we crave, what we all desire to feel. Love is always the missing piece that allows us to become whole. Love is what we strive to have in life. In the spirit of this season of love, we are excited to introduce our newest campaign: Love is Meant to be Treasured.

This Valentine’s season, we want to show how loving each other unifies us in the most magnificent ways.

Each individual brings unique qualities, in the same way, each necklace in collection are multifaceted. We want to celebrate love of all kinds: self-love, family-love, friend-love, romantic-love. So this season we’ve asked some friends to share with us how love has impacted their lives. After all, love is one of life’s greatest treasures.

 We’ve asked Lara from LMBrandContent and Nouran, one of our December cover girls, a few questions on love. Because the beauty of love is that it’s defined individualistically and intrinsically. And that’s why we love, love. 


What do you see in your loved ones that you value in yourself?


N: Empathy, vulnerability, respect, and boundaries.

L: The reality is, none of us are easy to be with, we all suffer from something. So when you meet someone who’s willing to stay committed to understanding, they actually grow with you. Our egos can ruin relationships. That’s why calming the ego is a worthwhile investment. If we can all do the ego work and not get caught up in who’s wrong or right (but rather focus on supporting each other) we would all be on the path to emotional freedom and healing.


How are you different and how do your differences complement each other?


N: I’m more of a nerd; I usually help with knowledge. He’s street smart, so he helps with that.

L: Finding a healthy partner whom you are truly compatible with can be a challenge. Of course there would be differences  but it depends on how you value each other and how much you respect each other. Communication is very important and if you have that then you’ve won.

Differences make each other into a better person; someone who can improve you and adds to the relationship.


How does being in love change how you show up in the world?


N: Love makes me more confident and makes the people around me happy about themselves too.

L: I think falling in love helps a person mature as one learns to care and sacrifice for someone else; it makes you a better person.

But it is hard to predict how. Falling in love should only be the start of it. Learning the action of love will really change you. That is if you really learn it.Falling in love is basically like planting a seed and seeing the new born plant. You get all excited. But real love comes from learning how to cultivate that love. Grow it. Care for it. Those will change you. Love can be hard work, but the rewards are great.


Describe what love feels like to you.

What do you love and what does it mean to you?


N: Love feels like fireworks. I love myself, my family members and friends who get my back, and my plants.

L: Well I always believe that the actual feeling of love couldn't be described by words cause love is a terminology. We define love by defining our feelings, emotions, and the sense of having someone who is truly close to your heart .❤️ You don't feel good without him. ( what we love the most is people and family around us )

Love means knowing that no matter what. You have someone to count on. It's unconditional and makes you feel good on the inside. You can trust the person you love and are comfortable around them.


What makes your love unique?


N:Authenticity and not limiting my expression to what society considers normal.

L: Being our self!


How has it changed you for the better?


N: Now I’m more aware of boundaries and I appreciate everything I do.

L: It showed me and taught me many good things and I discovered that the person you love can take out of you, want’s the best from you. A change in a way that ultimately leads to or results in a more positive situation or outcome.


Nouran and her brother


Lara and her sister