A Love Affair with Samantha Siu

Our Story

How does any love affair really start? A hidden glance, a gentle touch—a feeling of belonging. Samantha Siu grew up encompassed by jewelry. Raised by successful jewelry manufacturers in both New York and China, fashion factories became her playground. She was trained from an early age in the art of jewelry making and held tight to the belief that a necklace was so much more than an accessory. 

The now President and Chief Creative Director of Samantha Siu later attended the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). It was there that she uncovered a passion for wax carving, an all but forgotten craftsmanship.The skill originated in Asia and the Middle East with roots dating back to before 4,000 B.C. Samantha desired to resurrect the lost art of wax carving and introduce it into a new light. 

As Samantha Siu incorporated wax carving techniques into her jewelry making process, she crafted a design with impact—her reversible back necklace. Before long, she honed in on her skills and vision to develop her unique style. In 2017, Samantha traveled the world and found romance once again. 

This time, she fell in love with the towering stone temples of Thailand and the way that koi fish moved in the palace ponds of Shanghai.

She dedicated her work to the world, seamlessly blending versatility and sustainability into jewelry that makes an indelible impression. Armed with a groundbreaking jewelry concept, Samantha launched her first collection, “A Love Affair,” in 2019. Since then her collection has been featured in British Vogue, Vogue Portugal, Who What Wear and many more.

Today, Samantha Siu, Inc. creates bold, intricately designed jewelry pieces that spread a message of goodwill and last a lifetime. Each piece is inspired by Samantha's travels, designed to showcase the beauty that exists around the world to ensure it's treasured and preserved. Samantha uses centuries-old jewelry-making methods alongside modern technology for quality craftsmanship that pays respect to ancient artisans. 

From statement pieces to custom design, isn’t it time you fell in love again? 

Designed to make a statement

Our Mission

Our mission is to create exquisite fine jewelry that can be treasured and adored for generations. We aim to inspire you to make a statement and wear your values in order to preserve and cultivate a better world for all. 

Every design embodies a unique story, filled with adventure, enchantment and love that transports the wearer around the world. Each piece is intended to serve as an heirloom, to be treasured, ensuring the future is preserved for generations to come.

Each time you wear Samantha Siu we hope it serves as a reminder to be kind, to love, and to always cherish the beauty of this world.

inside look

behind the scenes

Like the Phoenix itself, Siu resurrects the art of wax carving. The artisanal craftsmen at Samantha Siu New York skillfully carve each intricate and unique clasp. Behind every Samantha Siu necklace is a mind at work. And behind every concept is a story to tell. 

This is Samantha Siu’s mind, these are her stories, and each one begins at the design table. The month-long process results in a realistic wax carving, as if the mind imprinted its delicate memories into the material. Custom made, gold-plated chains complement the design, tying together clasp and color for an eternity of bejeweled luxury and taste. Siu then selects rich stones sourced from around the world, from red agate to aquamarine and jade. 

These stones tell tales of journey and travel, filled with the richness and beauty of the globe and the energy of the Earth. These stones are carefully framed by artisans in Thailand.

There is no easy path to luxurious jewelry. Each necklace takes a minimum of 4 months to create. From conception to completion, this labor of love is a mindful journey. And we don’t rush the process because, to us, our necklaces are more than jewelry. They are a reminder for ourselves and for generations to come of the love and life that sustains us.