Together we can make a difference

She can still hear the crackling of the ground beneath her feet as she walked, echoing against an air of antiquity and modernism. She can still feel the embrace of a jade-laden culture, rich with history, innovation, and unforgettable philosophies. This was the China that won her heart.

This was her China, the China of her past, present, and future. 

Samantha Siu designed her “Love Affair” collection on the idea of her new found love. And though she grew up in the jewelry industry, it was philanthropy that won her heart forever. After spending her high school summers teaching English to underprivileged children in China, she dreamed of a life dedicated solely to volunteer work.

But, as her wise aunt reminded her, “The greatest impact can only be achieved through proper funding.” And she’s prepared to make an impact. 

That’s why Samantha Siu donates 10% of the net profits from each necklace purchased from the “A Love Affair” collection to the Phoenix International Foundation. Founded as a sister company to Samantha Siu, Inc., the Phoenix International Foundation is a faith-based nonprofit that provides aid to global projects close to Samantha's heart.

Samantha not only strives to make quality jewelry, but she also strives to do good with it. When you purchase to make a statement, you purchase to make an impact.



Every necklace purchase provides 10 students living in local villages in Cambodia with a Tiny Labs Science kit. These kits promote STEM education.

Phoenix International foundation is currently providing educational science camps to local villages in Cambodia, Myanmar, and Thailand. PIF has partnered with Jeepneed, a Philippines base educational non-profit organization, to create science kits to promote STEM curriculum to underserved children in these countries. Each year, (through partnership with JeepNeed) PIF has also been able to help provide 1000 students in Philippines an opportunity to experience the enchantment of Science; through the JeepNeed Science kits.

Alongside the Phoenix Foundation's Medical Clinics, we also educate our patients on their disease process, self-care, and health improvement options after their evaluation. Printed brochures in their native language are utilized when appropriate.

out reach, education and clinics


The purchase of each necklace provides one child with a physical wellness exam. It also provide necessary vaccinations for children who live in countries that don’t offer vaccines for their citizens.

Basic medical care is fundamental to humankind. The Phoenix foundation aims to provide medical care to the underserved population regardless of their social or financial status.

PIF has partnered with likeminded nonprofit organizations to provide such care. Our initial projects will include establishing medical clinics in conjunction with the Save Elephant Foundation, within the elephant sanctuaries in Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand.

The goal of our clinics is to staff local para-medical professionals in conjunction with PIF’s visiting medical teams to provide medical evaluation, establish treatment plans, and provide self-care education.



Today, we live in a world with limited resources for humans and animals alike. In order to prolong life expectancy for future generations to come, it is essential to educate the importance of conservation now.  Through Partnership with Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, Myanmar, and Cambodia, Phoenix International Foundation helps promote and educate others on the importance of wildlife/nature conservation through example, support, and advocacy. When you purchase a necklace, you support the care of a rescued elephant in Thailand. The aid goes towards food, medical care, and shelter.

Phoenix International Foundation also sponsors an elephant named Dhala in the Elephant Nature Park located in Thailand