My World Under The Sea


The first moment I submerged into water with my scuba gear,  I thought I was going to die. My surroundings was squeezing my body and I started to hyperventilate. But then something happens, and your mind tells you to control your body. “Breathe. BREATHE. Slowly. slower.” Your mind adjusts to your surroundings and you’ve mastered control over your body under water.  You realize you are about to adventure to a silent, otherworldly realm. I was home.

 Since that first dive, I’ve become addicted to getting a glimpse of this awe-inspiring realm every chance I get. I’ve been diving for about a decade now and have dived all over the world.  Under the sea is one of the best destinations I have ever been to. That is why, I created a necklace to pay homage to such magnificence. Here, I will share my top 3 places to dive and why.

Sam’s Top 3 destinations for Scuba Diving (So far): 

Cancun, Mexico : Museo Subacuático de Arte

One of the first artificial reefs created by British sculpture Jason deCaires Taylor.  MUSA is an underwater museum created to protect the local coral reef by having a designated destination for scuba divers. I was lucky enough to dive here in 2015 when sea life was just beginning to make themselves at home. It made me feel like I was living my dream of exploring Atlantis.

Key Largo, Florida: Christ of the Abyss

For some reason, Christ of the Abyss was a very surreal moment for me to explore. As a Christian seeing such an important, spiritual figure in this light romanticized my relationship with God even further. This bronze stature was created by Guido Galletti. 

Maui, Hawaii: Turtle Town

I recently traveled to Hawaii for the first time. I was in search of inspiration for my next necklace. When I went to Turtle Town, I was blessed with two turtle sightings. (The most beautiful aspect of nature is that every sighting is by chance but yet  not coincidental.) I was able to spot two Hawaiian sea turtles. One the size of a mini-cooper and another one gliding through the water. I was able to snap a pic of the latter.



MUSA: Cancun, Mexico 

Christ of the Abyss: Key West, Florida

Turtle town, Maui Hawaii

Turtle Town: Maui, Hawaii 


 If you dive, what are your favorite places?


Happy Travels. 


With Gratitude,