Starting the year on 100 Mill St.

Two days before my New Year’s trip I booked a place on AirBnB with a great last minute rate. (Some travelers don’t know this, but sometimes when AirbnBs aren’t rented out, hosts will cut the prices of their places to entice visitors to rent.) This splurge of spontaneity was a pleasant success and we rented a renovated, historically registered cabin. We drove a hour and a half away from the city to Milford, PA. I can say with love that we probably rented “the town’s AirBnB”. This Airbnb sat on the cliff next to a major route. We were a stone’s throw away from everything: from groceries stores to gas stations to the bars and restaurants. Everything was meticulous designed to compliment the original frame with contemporary style. We spent two nights exploring our quaint  surroundings filled with Victorian style and colonial style homes used as shops, offices, and eateries. We perused the town by foot, while I sipped my local latte. I call this trip, “The Best 2 night getaway in the Poconos”.


The is the link to our historically registered renovated cabin:


My three favorite activities in Milford, PA (so far):

  1. Explore nature: I say this with caution. I saw a creek behind Wheelhouse Cafe. We hopped over a few rocks to listen to the rush of the stream. Just for a moment, I felt I was part of the action.
  2. Old Lumberyard Antique store: An interesting library of eclectic historical items for sale. I was secretly amused and afraid at the same time. They really did have everything!
  3. 84 Country Store: A very interesting selection curated by the owner. From fun children’s socks to Amish butter. The Country Store has something for everyone.

 All within walking distance of the house.  I’m sure there was more to explore but hanging inside the cabin was comfortable enough for me to enjoy.  Contentment is most definitely the supreme virtue.  


Happy travels,