A New Year’s in the Mountains

Dear Traveler,


This New Year’s, I find myself on a hammock chair in the Poconos mountains. Here, I’m able to freeze the noise and contemplate about my goals for the year, for both Samantha Siu Inc. and The Phoenix International Foundation. I am cognizant about how valuable and grateful this time of gathering and reflection is. Because here, I mentally curve out how I would like to use my time and who I would like to spend it with. I also call this, “the pause before the storm”. It’s a period of time when I can push the city noise away with the whistles of the trees.

 I can already tell that this year will be the most challenging yet rewarding year for Samantha Siu New York and PIF. We have so many wonderful projects lined up for the new year and I cannot wait to unveil each of them throughout the year. There will be wonderful collaborations that not only continues the story of “A Love Affair” but also grows the Samantha Siu community.

 Growing the Samantha Siu community is significantly crucial to me. It is important to personally get to know our friends and followers while interacting more with them through our flourishing brand. Our fine goods are not meant only to be aesthetically pleasing and cherished, but are made  to positively impact the world. But as we all know, impacting the world is more likely amongst like minded, sustainable hearts. So please join me and watch us grow each week by teaching each other how we’ve individually failed or succeed in our travel stories.



Safe travels,