An Introduction to Travel Stories

Hi reader,

Welcome to the Samantha Siu world journal! This is where I, my traveling friends, or YOU shares tips, guides, and stories about our adventures. As a member, you can access all the stories, comment, ask questions, and have the opportunity to contribute to our journal.

You may ask, “Why a journal?”

          For a huge portion of my life, I’ve had the opportunity to explore many places around the world. It’s what fuels my creativity and passion! It has also come to the point where I am consistently asked by friends for tips and often am contributing to social traveling groups. So, why not share it with my clients?

Before I go on every trip, I do an immense amount of research. I always look for a great opportunity to learn about the history and culture of wherever I am going, great places to eat, and maculate views. I only report my favorites. Sometimes, you can even see how some places inspire a necklace design; because a story is never skin-deep.


Looking forward to exploring with you!