The Renaissance Romance Necklace is inspired by the first time A Love Affair develops in Europe. It specifically celebrates the revolutionary skills, beauty, and prestige ingrained in Italian history. Howlite stone represents the deep-rooted Italian art of refining marble.

The clasp is sculpted in the image of The Mouth of Truth, a marble drain cover created in Roman times. Legend has it that people used it to test the fidelity of their lovers: if someone lied while they had their hand inside the mouth, it would be bitten off. Today, The Mouth of Truth sits outside the Santa Maria in Cosmedin Church in Rome, where daring lovers still stick their hands inside the yawning maw.

Like all necklaces in the “A Love Affair” Collection, The Renaissance Romance Necklace is reversible.

Weight: 7.8 oz
Stone: Howlite
Length: 21”
Metal: Silver Plated in 18k Yellow Gold

Complete the Look

Our Packaging

Our stunning packaging, designed by our Creative Director, Samantha Siu, and a team in Italy, bring you a glimpse of glamor before you open the box. The pink ribbon, made in Italy, and the soft blue of the box, are love at first sight. Both the ribbon and the box are marked by our logo, the Phoenix. This symbolizes the female entity in a relationship, as well as rebirth, transformation, or to come anew.

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