Fashion as Artistic Expression with Nathan Bartholomew

By: Lily Mattimoe

At the heart of Samantha Siu's latest campaign, "The Coterie," is a vibrant group of diverse voices and unique stories. Among these remarkable individuals stands Nathan Bartholomew, a London native rising star in the world of fashion and social media. With his innate sense of style, and authenticity, Nathan brings a fresh perspective to the campaign, infusing it with his own brand of creativity and charm.

In “The Coterie” interview series, Samantha Siu invites you to hear from Nathan as he shares his story, unraveling the motivations and inspirations that have shaped his journey. Nathan's story is one of ambition, authenticity, and the enduring power of fashion to unite people from all walks of life. 

As an aspiring influencer, what content or messages do you hope to convey to your audience, and what makes your approach unique in the crowded world of social media?

“I'm still new to the social media world but what I want people to take from passing my page is lifestyle, a creative artistic way to express yourself and fashion.”

How do you use your personal style and fashion choices to express yourself and connect with your followers on a deeper level?

“I'm a Londoner born and bred, which means you need to learn how to keep up with trends whilst dealing with 5 different climates that constantly change every month, week, day and hour lol. My go to fashion item is a raincoat the more colors and cut the better.”

In terms of personal growth, what are some valuable lessons or insights you've gained through your journey as an aspiring influencer and model?

Modeling is still a new way of presenting myself online. The art of using yourself to promote a feeling for a brand can be daunting, however I've embraced it. In a short number of projects, I've managed to land shoots with brands that take great interest in their production.”

Can you share some behind the scenes moments or anecdotes from the recent campaign with Samantha Siu?

The shoot went by flawlessly and I'll say any cast or crew that get to work on a Samantha Siu shoot should look forward to it. Tola the amazing stylist, understood the assignment; the girl had me looking like a page out of a magazine. Evan with the male grooming, had my skin glowing. Lulu took some actual BTS shots and Kim the photographer has an eye that can cut through water and air. He caught so many shots I'll be using for a lifetime.”

What was the significance of The Eye-shine Necklace you chose to wear for the shoot, and how did it align with your personal style and aesthetic?

“The crocodile is such a powerful animal with its elongated frame, peaceful demeanor and fiery nature. I was styled in Green. The color has such an important meaning, to me it represents nature, zen, and wildlife.”

In terms of the shoot's theme of unity, how do you think fashion connects people from various walks of life?

I loved the way the shoot involved so many different ethnicities. A young or older person from a vast demographic can see their reflection in the campaign and feel part of the story.”

Looking into the future, where do you envision yourself in terms of your modeling and influencing career, and what kind of impact do you hope to have on your audience and the industry as a whole?

Traveling the world again, in my childhood and as a young adult I frequently caught flights. Only difference now is that I'll get to go with my partner. The hotter the weather the better. In London there's so many modeling and influencing topics worth documenting, the journey has begun.”