From Dreams to Digital Success with Monalisa Adlee

By: Lily Mattimoe

Monalisa Adlee, a digital creator and influencer, explains her journey from fashion aspirations to marketing experience, fueled by a passion for storytelling. Her motivation rises above industry challenges, rooted in a genuine creative drive. She has a keen eye for trends and her ability to adapt to evolving platforms. This further solidifies her position in the digital landscape, setting new standards for creativity and engagement. Monalisa fosters community by engaging her audience as friends. Her collaboration with Samantha Siu’s “The Coterie” campaign underscores her appreciation for the brand’s ethos and her affinity for meaningful collaborations. Through her unique perspective and personality, Monalisa infuses each endeavor with a touch of authenticity and depth, inviting viewers to be a part of her journey.

Could you share a bit about your journey into becoming a digital creator/influencer? What inspired you to start creating content?

“I began wanting to work in the fashion industry. I grew up watching Sex and the City, Devil wears Prada and 13 Going on 30. Ever since then I began working towards that dream but instead of the journalism route I went down the Marketing route as I also had a passion for psychology and how people's minds work. After achieving a BA Hons Degree in Marketing and Fashion I then landed my Marketing assistant role in Reiss at the height of its popularity. Kate Middleton was a huge fan of Reiss and was often papped wearing Reiss clothing. It sparked off from there.”

What motivates you to continue creating content, especially in an industry that is constantly evolving and competitive?

“I think I’m a naturally creative person, if I wasn’t doing it for myself I for sure would be in-house creating content for fashion or heritage brands. I have a huge interest in story telling and I don’t think that could ever be extinguished by an over saturated industry. I would find another route to fulfill my passion if “this industry” wasn’t around anymore. But there's room for all in content creation…I genuinely believe that.”

What advice would you give to aspiring digital creators who are just starting out in the industry? 

“Be consistent, be genuine and just start! Understand that there will be hard days but it can be very rewarding.”

What strategies do you employ to connect with your audience on a deeper level and foster a sense of community among your followers?

“This is something I do struggle with as I can be an introvert at times. But I can only be me and share what I can/feel comfortable with. I speak to my audience though like I would any friend….not only do I like to give advice but I very often ask my audience their thoughts/advice on topics. I do take them onboard.”

Congratulations on being part of Samantha Siu's "The Coterie" campaign! How did you first become involved with the brand, and what attracted you to this particular collaboration? 

“I first got introduced to the brand many years ago now. I was invited to a dinner and fell in love with the exquisite jewellery and Samantha herself. Samantha is so warm and welcoming when you first meet her and the more I learned about her story and how she started her jewellery line…I just had a new found respect for her. When asked to be part of “The Coterie” campaign it was an easy yes. I felt honoured really. I already own and love to wear her gold link earrings with the matching bracelet.”

You chose to wear the Bohemian Paradise Necklace for the campaign. What drew you to that specific piece, and how does it complement your personal style?

“I know the inspiration behind the necklace is Prague but to me it reminds me of Tower Bridge. One of the most iconic landmarks in London. There are times I drive over the bridge and I always take a moment of gratitude for my home city. A city I grew up in and that shaped me!”

Can you tell us about your experience during the campaign shoot with Samantha Siu? What were some highlights or memorable moments from the shoot?

“I really enjoyed being around other creatives! I often work alone so to be able to bounce off others…the MUA, hair stylist, photographer or wardrobe stylist was really inspiring. The location was amazing and the end group model photo on the rooftop was such a highlight for me! A moment I would never forget though was the very end as we were all about to head home, we did a group selfie with everyone that worked on the shoot PLUS Samantha! Made memories & friends.” 

What aspects of Samantha Siu’s brand do you find unique or particularly inspiring and what do you hope viewers take away from "The Coterie" campaign?

“I hope viewers will see the deep intention that Samantha has set for this campaign. The true spirit of London!”