Glamour on the Go: How to Elevate Your Travel Style

By: Lily Mattimoe

Embarking on a journey is a thrilling adventure, weaving tales of wanderlust and cherished memories. As you traverse the world's wonders, comfort and style become essential companions, especially during airport escapades. The perfect airport outfit strikes a balance between fashion-forward and cozy, allowing you to explore with confidence. We've curated a delightful collection of airport outfit inspirations that banish outfit woes and elevate your travel style game. Join us as we explore the art of dressing for travel, embracing chic ensembles that not only look fabulous but also make you feel your best. The perfect airport outfit strikes a balance between fashion-forward and cozy, allowing you to explore with confidence. 

Looking great isn't just about appearance; it has a profound impact on how we feel. Dressing in chic and stylish ensembles not only boosts your self-confidence but also helps you handle the stress of air travel with ease. A well-put-together outfit can set the tone for your journey, putting you in the right mindset to embrace the adventure ahead.

These ensembles effortlessly blend sophistication and comfort, making your travel experiences truly memorable. And of course, no travel ensemble is complete without the exquisite touch of Samantha Siu's A Love Affair earrings, adding elegance to every adventure.

So, let Samantha Siu's jewelry be your perfect travel companion. Embrace empowerment and the world's wonders as you wear our timeless creations. Elevate your travel style and create enchanting memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Matching Knit Set 

A matching knit set is the perfect way to look sophisticated with minimal effort. We've paired this long tunic and relaxed fit pant set from Reformation with the our The Willemstad Earrings

Matching Sweatsuit 

There is nothing more comfortable and chic than a matching sweatsuit! This Muse Hoodie is made from a soft ribbed knit fabric and comes in matching shorts. You may choose to swap out the shorts for sweatpants for those colder destinations. Pair this set with our The Rising Phoenix Earrings. This look would look great your favorite slides or sneakers. 

Tank Top + Loose Trousers 

Girl boss in this tank top and relaxed trouser combo from The Frankie Shop paired with our The Eternity Earring. If you are traveling for work, and heading straight to a meeting after your flight, this is the look for you. While simple in silhouette and color, you'll look put together and ready to conquer anything! 

Blazer + Sports Bra + Biker Shorts

This athleisure look is both comfortable and fashion forward. Opt for this put together outfit on long travel days where you still want to look cute and presentable.    The Energy Sports Bra and Align Biker Shorts are both from Lululemon, the Vogue Blazer is from Aritzia, and the 574 Sneakers are New Balance. Pair this outfit with our The Glistening Desert Earrings.

Dress + Sandals

 Dresses are the perfect way to elevate your travel style in a minimal effort way. Add a comfortable pair of sandals to enhance your look. The Cala Satin Shirt Dress from The Frankie shop, paired with our The Lustrous Kingdom Earrings, will have you exuding confidence!