CC Mason's World Explored: Insights into Success and Style

Meet CC Mason, a dynamic individual who has taken the worlds of television, fashion, digital content creation, and journalism by storm. Originally from Los Angeles, California, CC has made her mark on both sides of the Atlantic, splitting her time between the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and the sophistication of England. With a global reputation and a diverse portfolio, CC is a true Renaissance woman in today's entertainment and fashion landscape. In this blog post we will as we dive deeper into CC Mason's journey and gain insights into her success as a full-time influencer. Get ready to be inspired by her creativity, versatility, and passion. 

Photo: @ccmasonrlly

Q. If you were to give advice to someone thinking about getting into social media, what would it be?

A. I could go on for days with my advice about this, but I would say you have to do it because you love it, and because you want to share your own personal style, not purely for fame or money! There are a lot of incredible creatives shooting their shot on social media right now, and because of that, there is certainly no guarantee of major fame or financial success. You should dive in to social media if it fulfills you creatively, and look at everything else as a bonus!

Q. Content burnout. How do you find motivation to keep posting new content? 

A. Content burnout is just like writers block - everyone in this industry has had it at some point, myself included! I find that taking a few days off, like a long weekend, or looking at other creatives or celebrities that inspire you really help! Sometimes, if I find myself in a bit of a creative rut, I do a really wild shoot with editorial-style hair and makeup, and that usually inspires me again!

Q. Where does your style come from?

A. My style is incredibly eclectic, but my mom is and always has been super stylish! She used to sew all of her own clothes (and all of mine!) so that we could always look sharp! She also taught me not to be afraid of any fashion or style, which is why I wear anything and everything I want now!

Q. Favorite thing about your job?

A. I am so incredibly blessed that this is my full time job - I can, and do, work from anywhere in the world, set my own hours, and decide who I work with. Honestly, that’s pretty hard to beat!

Q. How has travel influenced your creative process and stories you tell?

A. Travel completely changed my personal style! Growing up in Los Angeles, I was the embodiment of ‘California casual’ - I could stock a whole store with the amount of graphic tees I wore! Once I started travelling around Europe and England, my eyes were opened to all of the other trends and I’ve never looked back!

Q. Favorite social media platform?

A. That’s a hard call right now! I feel like social media as a whole is constantly evolving, but at the moment I’m liking TikTok.

Q. Favorite fashion trend right now?

A. Wide leg trousers!! Oh my gosh, I’ve always HATED jeans that were skin tight (I mean, I wore them through my emo phase because we all did) but I’m so thrilled to see them on the way out!

Q. Words of wisdom to live by?

A. “The smartest people are the first ones to admit when they don’t know something!”

Q. Your collaborations with House of Want and Welligogs have allowed you to translate your creativity into tangible fashion pieces. Can you tell us about the process and how you put your own unique style in each product?

A. It’s honestly been incredible. When I was young, I designed my own clothes with my mom, and promised her that one day we would have her own fashion line. My collaborations really feel like the first step in that series is finally happening! Both brands really wanted to capture my “Barbie in real life” vibe, which is why we went with pink tones, and I’m incredibly proud of how everything turned out!

Q. Are you excited about your upcoming collaboration with Samantha Siu? What kind of message are you trying to put out?

A. I cannot even begin to describe how excited I am about working with Samantha! I wore one of her necklaces to my first ever London fashion week show, which was also my first front row (Paul Costelloe), so to be making a piece with her now is honestly a dream come true! I’m also really looking forward to the fact that we are putting something out that’s not what people would expect! Samantha and I are both boss babes through and through, and I think that power and self-confidence will definitely be front and center in this collaboration

Photo: @ccmasonrlly