Ramario and Nathan: In the depths of A Love Affair

By: Lily Mattimoe

As we wrap up “The Coterie” campaign, we're thrilled to highlight two of our members whose love story perfectly aligns with Samantha Siu's jewelry collection, "A Love Affair." Ramario and Nathan graciously invite us into their world, sharing the intimate details of their relationship. From their serendipitous online meeting to their shared adventures and cherished moments, their journey epitomizes the essence of love and partnership.  Indulge into their laughter-filled walks, heartwarming traditions, and insightful reflections on communication and support. Celebrate with us as we explore the depths of Ramario and Nathan's captivating love affair, illuminated by Samantha Siu.

How did you meet, and what was your first impression of your partner? 

Ramario: We first met online and my first impressions of him was “Wow he’s so tall, dark and handsome,” and we clicked instantly.

Nathan: Me and Ramario Met online. We went on multiple walks within our area, parks, and restaurants. Got to know eachothers names, family members, where we came from and what we are up to. We kept things very simple. My first impressions of Ramario is that he was very humorous - had a massive sense of humor, and was very interested in the things I had to say. 

Can you share a particularly memorable moment from your relationship that stands out to you?

Ramario: Hmmmmmm there’s a few, but one that stands out - which is funny but could’ve gone really wrong - was when he took me to the Ivy Asia for my birthday last year. He's allergic to shellfish so I ordered my dish & he ordered his not checking if it had any traces of shellfish. So after about two bites he was like “I feel hot looool,” and started to have a small allergic reaction to whatever it was he ordered. We can look back at it and laugh now, but at the time the manager was so concerned she was like shall I call the ambulance etc etc. Thankfully the reaction was small but still could’ve ended up serious, and for it to happen on my birthday was annoying but funny at the same time. 

Nathan: Carnival 2023 was an amazing end to Summer. Me and Ramario got to travel down to Notting Hill together and experience what I believe was both our best carnival experiences. There's something special about going to a carnival as a couple. You really do get a chance to enjoy yourself in ways you didn't expect to. 

How does your partner show support in your personal and professional endeavors?

Ramario: He’s always supporting my work by resharing, sometimes coming with me to set, asking if there’s any way he can help, asking me genuine questions about my work. We’ve worked together on a small number of things, including this beautiful jewellery shoot for Samantha Siu, which has been lovely and I feel it’s made us closer. 

Nathan: We practice sharing everything, which isn't very much of a practice but is second nature to us; But there's never a person, a link, an industry professional, a job, or a window of opportunity or an item of clothing that if we want to borrow or steal that it becomes awkward to do so. So it's very open between us. 

How do you navigate disagreements or challenges in your relationship?

Ramario: For me the most important thing is to communicate properly, say what’s on your mind as no one is Mystic Meg. Communication truly is key, and speaking about things is important to grow together - not just in relationships, but in friendships and just generally in life. If you keep things bottled up, a small situation could get out of hand simply due to how long you’ve held your views, thoughts, feelings and opinions inside. So now you might feel so frustrated that you can’t get across your point of view as calmly and clearly as you would’ve initially if you had spoken about it sooner. And as well as expressing the issue, also try and think about what the solution is. Sometimes as humans, we’re so caught up on the issue but we should try and use the same amount of energy working out the solution as well.

Nathan: You need to learn to digress and bite the bullet. Going for walks, talking, or creating activities, even when you're going through things, is the best way to deal with another person you are very affectionate with. These are all the things we've practiced in the past, and hopefully all the things we’ll practice in the future.

Have you developed any traditions or rituals as a couple that you particularly cherish?

Ramario: I would say trying to work together as much as possible is important and when possible, encouraging each other and actual quality time away from the troubles/cares of the world or anything/anyone else. I think the art of actual quality time is vital, as we all know life is short and you don’t want to leave thinking should’ve, would’ve could’ve, just do as much as possible! 

Nathan: I would like to say public holidays like Chirtsmas are a very big deal to the two of us. In the last year that just passed, we got to celebrate Christmas with my side of the family in North London and I'm hoping we do the same thing the following year. So yes, Christmas and even New Years Eve.

What’s one thing you’ve learned from your partner that has made a significant impact in your life?

Ramario: I wouldn’t say so much learned but been reminded that I work so hard so I need to take more time to look after myself (self care days are essential) and being a multi disciplined artist I’m constantly dealing with soooo much sometimes I just need to do nothing and still be……those moments are truly priceless.

Nathan: Whatever it is you do as a career, you should always remember to have a personality behind it. Your culture, your family, where you're coming from matters as much as what you're doing. The reflection of these aspects of your life will create a tribe for you in the same industries you are chasing to become part of.

How do you balance your relationship with your professional life and need for individual space? 

Ramario: Balance that’s something that’s easier said than done! I would say I’m still figuring this one out as I’m sure the whole world is, however I’ve been saying no recently a lot to certain jobs especially if they don’t financially align and morally align….not everything is for everyone. Saying no to such things frees up more time to spend with the people I love and doing the things I love.

Nathan: We’re both creatives and we’re both very active. Ramario is a track and field athlete in the past, and myself, long-distance running. Nowadays, I find myself spending a lot of time in the gym doing cardio and heavy lifting, while Romario spends a lot of time in studios dancing. We’re both different ends of the spectrum, however our interests do not collide, they actually unite.

Is there a song, movie, or book that you feel perfectly encapsulates your relationship? Why?

Ramario: Frankie Paul ‘I know the score’ we both love this song. I wouldn’t say it encapsulates our relationship but we both love the song so much. I don’t think there is a song, book or movie that’ll ever be able to encapsulate our relationship. 

Nathan: Pinpointing can be a little bit complicated; however, if I was able to pick a song, Vybz Kartel ‘Summertime’ because every summer we spend together, has been filled and packed with a lot of joy. 

What are your favorite qualities of your partner? What do you think your partner would say about you?

Ramario: I love how much he is interested in what I do and how supportive he is. I would say he’d say I’m very hardworking, passionate and rooted to my culture.

Nathan: He’s highly reliant and self aware, not waiting for someone to give him the green light to move forward towards an idea. Always forward-thinking, with a bit of attitude, flair, and fire. If he has something to say about me, I hope he would say something along the lines of home etiquette and building friendships.

What are the primary love languages that resonate with you? How do you navigate and honor each other’s differing love languages to strengthen your bond and ensure mutual understanding and respect?

Ramario: I can’t stress how essential quality time is with each other away from everything and everyone else, but I would say that’s something that’s still being worked on. 

Nathan: Communication, communication, communication. Everybody’s aware of it, whether you're in a relationship or not. However, when the pressure is applied, communication becomes a thing that is avoidable because you know it can strengthen a bond, but it can also tie you down to an idea that you may not really want to work toward. However, between my ideas and his, they're both ideas, thoughts, plans, and we can try our best to work towards them. In the long run, we always come out on top, all because of communication.

What is on your bucket list to experience together? 

Ramario: To travel to different countries together!

Nathan: Traveling to the Caribbean and seeing as many islands as possible. I think for the both of us, we really do enjoy open water, sandy beaches, fresh food, hot climates, and tropical vibes. 

Looking into the future, where do you see yourselves in five years, both together and individually?

Ramario: Oh that’s a big one and to be honest only time will tell with that one, I don’t like to over share!

Nathan: Ramario has always had big plans that he airs out and also holds in about where to work in the future. Ideally, the bigger the jobs and the more beneficial they are to the people buying into them, the better for the both of us. I'm into tech as well as into creative arts, so I could see myself doing work within both of those fields in the future. As well as, pursuing a modeling career. As for Ramario, I feel as if he deserves to be handed the torch to something bigger and better, but in due time, as he is also a multifaceted artist.