Nyome Nicholas-Williams: A Voice for Inclusivity and Empowerment

By: Lily Mattimoe

Meet Nyome Nicholas-Williams: model, influencer, writer and activist making waves in the fashion industry. With a passion for promoting diversity and challenging beauty standards, Nyome brings a unique perspective to the forefront of the industry. Nyome's close relationship with Samantha Siu has not only inspired mutual admiration but has also played a pivotal role in shaping the vision behind "The Coterie" campaign. As a prominent figure with a strong social media presence and a commitment to advocating for change, Nyome’s collaboration with Samantha Siu for “The Coterie” campaign is a testament to her dedication to inclusive representation. 

In this interview, Nyome shares her insights on her collaboration with Samantha Siu, discussing the unique aspects of Samantha Siu’s approach to jewelry design. From her personal journey towards self-acceptance to her advocacy for inclusivity in the world of fashion, Nyome offers a glimpse into her narrative.

How has the collaborative process been while working with Samantha Siu, and what unique aspects of her approach to jewelry design do you think contribute to making the pieces accessible to a diverse audience?

“I think due to the elements and diverse inspirations so carefully put into Samantha’s pieces. This contributes to the accessibility of her jewelry, appealing to a wide range of tastes and backgrounds.”

In your view, how can collaborations between fashion designers and models contribute to shifting industry norms and promoting inclusivity on a broader scale?

“Collaborations between fashion designers and models have the power to challenge norms, promote inclusivity, empower marginalized communities, connect with consumers, educate the industry, set trends, and create safe spaces for dialogue. These partnerships can be catalysts for positive change within the fashion industry and society as a whole.”

Samantha's collection, "A Love Affair," is inspired by her travels around the world. Can you share any specific pieces or elements of the jewelry that resonated with you personally, and why? Why did you choose the glistening desert necklace to wear in the samantha siu campaign?

“Ultimately, my choice to wear the "Glistening Desert Necklace" was due to my love of the piece and the combination of its symbolism, versatility, sparkle, global appeal, and photogenic qualities, all contributing to creating a compelling visual story for the collection "A Love Affair." I love how bold the piece is, it matches me and my energy.”

In your journey towards self-acceptance, what specific actions or practices played a significant role in embracing your true self?

“Taking time for introspection and self-reflection is crucial for me in understanding my thoughts, feelings, and desires. Cultivating self-compassion involves treating myself with kindness and understanding, especially during times of struggle or self-doubt. This means being gentle with myself, acknowledging imperfections, and recognizing that everyone has flaws. Establishing healthy boundaries in my relationships and life situations is super important for self-respect and self-care. Knowing my limits and communicating them to others helps me in maintaining emotional well-being and authenticity. Mindfulness techniques, such as mindfulness meditation, help me to stay present in the moment and accept myself without judgment. This practice fosters a sense of peace and acceptance of myself.”

In your open letter to London Fashion Week, you highlight the lack of inclusivity in terms of size, race, and ability. What specific experiences led you to address these issues and become a vocal advocate for change? Has anything changed since you’ve written the article? 

There was not one specific issue that pushed me to write the piece. I wanted change and demanded it, through my work. While there has been progress, there is still much work to be done to achieve true inclusivity in the fashion industry. Many advocates continue to push for change, calling for sustained efforts towards representation and diversity across all aspects of fashion.

As a plus-sized model, you've worked with big brands, but walking for major fashion houses during London Fashion Week remains challenging. Can you share some of the obstacles you and other 'non-traditional' models face in securing opportunities on the runway?

I think the obstacles I’ve faced are mostly pressure to conform, sizeism and discrimination. There are a lot of stereotypes and stigma surrounding me being unapologetic in the way I move and not apologetic for my body or my appearance. 

Given your experiences as a model challenging beauty standards, how does working with Samantha Siu align with your advocacy for inclusivity and diverse representation in the fashion industry?

Working with Samantha Siu aligns with advocacy for inclusivity and diverse representation, in the fashion industry by actively participating in campaigns and runway shows that promote these values. It provides a platform to celebrate diverse beauty, incorporate different perspectives, empower self-expression, advocate through representation, support a forward-thinking designer, and inspire positive change within the Industry.