In the Spotlight: The Versatile Artistry of Ramario Chevoy

By: Lily Mattimoe

It's not every day that a jewelry campaign transcends the ordinary and becomes a celebration of diversity, creativity, and heartfelt connections. Samantha Siu, the visionary behind Samantha Siu New York, has brought her birthday campaign, "The Coterie," to life, unifying gratitude, artistry, and genuine relationships. Among the diverse group of influencers representing Samantha Siu New York, Ramario Chevoy brings a unique and captivating presence to "The Coterie" campaign.

“The Coterie” is a testament to the unwavering support from influencers like Ramario. Through this blog series, Samantha Siu aims to unravel the remarkable stories of each member, letting you delve into their diverse worlds every Friday in the Travel Stories section.

In our spotlight today, we turn the lens to Ramario Chevoy, a multifaceted talent based in London, who seamlessly blends the worlds of fashion styling, dance, and modeling with his distinct and captivating presence. In an exclusive interview, Ramario shares his inspiration for collaborating with Samantha Siu and sheds light on the intricacies of his philosophies, personal style, and offering insights into how fashion serves as an extension of his creativity.

What inspired you to collaborate with Samantha Siu for this campaign? Can you share what drew you to her work and made you excited about being part of this project?

“I used to work in a jewellers so when I first came across Samantha’s beautiful designs I could honestly say I had never seen anything like it in my life. The craftsmanship behind each piece is so specific & intricate and the fact that the necklaces can be worn both ways just drew me in even more. I wanted to be part of the project because I’m such a huge fan of her work. I thought it’ll make so much sense to model the jewellery I’m obsessed with.”

The campaign with Samantha Siu highlights your unique and experimental looks. Can you talk about your look and why you chose to wear The Lustrous Kingdom Necklace. How do you use fashion as a form of self-expression, and how has your style evolved over the years?

“I chose to wear that particular necklace as I just love the blue stones in it & I also love elephants, I love how they are such larger than life animals but have a gentle side. Fashion helps me express my creativity through garments, depending on my mood or the weather that day may determine what I decide to wear. If it’s rainy & moody I’d probably be more inclined to wear black, if it’s bright & sunny it’ll make me want to wear colour more. Over the past 10 years I would say my style has become less experimental as I feel even though my style is eclectic the older I’ve become the more clean cut & simplistic it has become. Also learning more about my Caribbean roots, culture & heritage has helped me to incorporate it within my personal style.”

As someone deeply involved in the creative arts, how do you believe art can serve as a powerful means to bridge gaps and foster understanding among people from various backgrounds?

“Art is such a big word, but if you mean artistic form of creativity whether that’s dance, fashion, music etc they are perfect ways to bridge gaps between people because no matter your financial status especially when it comes to music it’s an art form that brings everyone together no matter race, gender & sexuality which now more than ever is important.”

The campaign aims to capture inner and outer beauty. In your role as a stylist, how do you approach enhancing the beauty of individuals?

“As a stylist for me it’s important all my clients feel beautiful. Enhancing their beauty is something that I don’t take for granted so with my clients I try as much as possible to take the time out to get to know them properly as humans. So I try & make sure we hang out etc outside of work so I can build a stronger relationship with them which in turn helps me to produce a more personal organic body of work with/for them.”

The quote “Always be unapologetically yourself” is a mantra attributed to you. How has this philosophy shaped your artistic journey, and what advice would you give to others striving for authenticity in the creative industry?

“For me it’s vital to be authentic. In this creative arts industry it’s built on a lot of kissing people's asses & not being yourself (faking it to make it) which I’ve never been a fan of. I feel like when you’re authentically yourself what’s meant for you shall never pass you by & whatever isn’t meant for you, you’ll be able to dodge like a bullet. Being authentic has helped me to create work that’ll stand the test of time when I’m no longer here. I know people will look back at my work & use it in their moodboards & use it to draw inspiration from many years down the line. For anyone striving for authenticity within the creative arts industry I can say you have to go through some bad experiences & learn from your mistakes.”

The campaign celebrates people from different backgrounds and cultures. How do you believe the fashion industry, and specifically collaborations like this one, can contribute to inclusivity and promote cultural appreciation?

“I think it’s vital for collaborations like this one to happen. Getting a group of people from all different cultural backgrounds & walks of life, especially living in 2024, is more than vital so that we get to learn about each other's struggles & triumphs. I believe cultural exchanges are important.”

In the world of styling, dancing, and modeling, what legacy do you hope to leave behind, and how do you aspire to inspire the next generation of artists and creatives?

“The legacy I want to leave behind is an authentic one. I’ve had to face & overcome so many struggles & setbacks within my career & I’m happy to say each one has only made me stronger & more determined to be successful for my own sake. I want to be remembered as someone who was a style icon, fearless, bold, unapologetically myself & never afraid to speak my mind to whoever about whatever!”