Coming Soon: Bracelet Collection Drop 1

By: Lily Mattimoe

Prepare for a new era of innovation and artistry with Samantha Siu’s highly anticipated bracelet launch on Thursday, June 27th. This eagerly awaited release unveils the first of two bracelet collection drops, each inspired by the links of the "A Love Affair" necklace collection. Meticulously crafted with the finest materials and exquisite craftsmanship, these bracelets epitomize versatility and timeless treasures. Featuring innovative push clasp mechanisms, they ensure a universal fit, celebrating inclusivity in every wear. Samantha Siu’s commitment to sustainable jewelry design is truly commendable, offering pieces that not only adorn but also empower wearers to express their unique style confidently. Let's hear from Samantha herself, on how she brought the collection into fruition.

Tell us about the journey of creating this bracelet collection. What were some of the toughest challenges you ran into along the way?

“Oh, the clasp! Finding the right mechanism, teaching artisans what to do, sourcing the right materials, and staying true to our signature—creating top-of-the-line, contemporary, out-of-the-box thinking designs. It took a while to perfect, and we finally got it, but it's frustrating because you want to release it as soon as possible. Definitely, trial and error has provided a good education.”

One of the unique aspects of your bracelet collection is that the length can be customized. Why was it important for you to include this feature?

“Because I wanted to promote size inclusivity by creating a universal bracelet that could fit everyone, and I also wanted to uphold our philosophy of reusing jewelry to create something new. Each bracelet can be attached to another to transform into a necklace.”

What do you hope your people will feel when they wear a bracelet from this collection?

“I hope they relish wearing a beautiful accessory that adorns them and is well thought out and well made. I hope it inspires creativity with its multiple uses.”

It must be amazing to see people wearing your creations. How does that make you feel?

“Honestly, I feel very humbly grateful that they would take us along on their day-to-day journey and also be a part of significant moments in their lives.”

What did you enjoy most about working on this bracelet collection?

“Creating a new concept that hasn’t been introduced in the market yet always excites me. It shows that we are at the forefront of our industry.”

As Samantha Siu's innovative bracelet collection prepares to make its debut on June 27th, it represents not just a culmination of craftsmanship and creativity, but a testament to inclusivity and sustainability in jewelry design. Samantha Siu offers pieces that empower wearers to embrace their unique style with confidence. We are excited to share this milestone with all of you and eagerly anticipate seeing how you style the collection to express your individuality and creativity!